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4 Best Business Ideas That Require A Small Investment

There are many people who would love to start their own business from home but either delay or never do so for one simple reason: they don’t believe they have enough capital to get started.

But the truth is that there are a multitude of home based business opportunities that require a very small investment to get started, and if you are low on funds, these are the business ideas that you will want to focus on.

Here are the four best business ideas that only require a small investment to get you started:

Penny Stock Trading


One of the disadvantages to trading in the stock market is you usually have to have a large investment to get started.

This rule doesn’t at all apply to trading penny stocks, or stocks that cost less than five bucks a share. It’s perfectly possible to get started in the penny stock market and start making gains with as little as a hundred dollar initial investment.


Kindle Publishing


Kindle Publishing is not just an attractive money making opportunity because it’s an easy way to make passive income, but also because it requires virtually no start-up costs. If you can write and create your own book covers yourself, there is virtually no cash required to sign up for Amazon’s Direct Kindle Publishing service and start publishing books to the Kindle Store.

But even if you don’t want to write or create your book covers yourself, the startup costs are still low. You can hire a freelance writer to write a quality 5k or so word book for you for as little as $50, and have a visually appealing book cover designed on Fiverr.com for just $5. At that point, all you have left to do is marketing.


App Development


If you enjoy making iPhone or Android apps or even create them in your spare time, why not sell them on the store? Even if you offer your app for free, you can still make money with it through in-app purchases and advertisements. The more quality apps you make, the more money you will make as well.


Graphic Design


If graphic design is your passion or skillset, then you can get a business started as a graphic design artist much the same way as you can a freelance writer: build up your portfolio and post it to your profile on freelancing websites, and then start applying for work.

One of the main differences between freelance writing and freelance graphic design is that whereas freelance writing usually consists of a series of smaller gigs, graphic design work usually revolves around large one time projects. There are many graphic design projects out there that could net you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per project.

Getting Your Business Started


Each one of these business can be started easily from the comfort of your home and more importantly require a very small investment of funds to get started.


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