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Sarees are the epitome of Indian culture. It is considered one of the fanciest outfits as well as a formal outfit. You can find sarees in all sorts of different styles, patterns, and colors. These days, you do not have to go to the store anymore; you can just order your saree online. It appears right on your doorstep and if you do not like it, you can return them and repeat the process as many times as you want.

As the wedding season is fast approaching, you are bound to need to stock up on sarees. To find different ones you should look for your saree online.

Here is a list of 4 gorgeous sarees you have to own this wedding season.

  • Triveni- Red printed saree
    Everybody knows red is the color of celebration. Wearing this stunning red saree to a wedding would be a great idea. You are sure to have people turn and look at you as soon as you enter but do not worry, you will not overshadow the bride. The saree is much understated and does not have a lot of embellishments sewn onto it. The pleated area of the saree is adorned with a yellow, gold and orange pattern. This pattern is what makes the saree so unique. You would expect the price of the saree to be much higher than it is, due to how classy and chic it looks.
  • Pavechas- Black solid saree.
    I know, usually in Indian weddings, you are not supposed to wear black but, this one would make you want to break the rules. The golden border and pallu is in contrast and tends to pull the eyes towards you. This saree might look too plain or simple but adding just a pair of gold earrings is sure to make the saree look even better. The material and weaving of the saree is such that it makes the saree a bit translucent which also adds to the beauty of the saree. I doubt you would find another saree online, for such a price.
  • Triveni- Green Solid Saree
    According to me, olive green is a very rich color that looks great on South Asians. The colour compliments the different skin tones, beautifully. This saree looks even more rich and fancy due to the thick golden border with patterns sewn into it. The thick border of the saree makes you look much taller and leaner than you might be. This saree is a tad bit pricier than the others mentioned, but it is still quite affordable. Spending a little bit more for better quality and a different style sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
  • Patang Sarees- Gold and Pink
    This saree is perfect for those whose closest friends are getting married. This saree has a lot of embellishments and can be considered to be quite a heavy saree. Heavy, in terms of the look as well as the actual weight of the saree. But, due to this weight, the drape of the saree is impeccable, and it falls very gracefully. The combination of gold and pink is such a royal one. You are going to look absolutely stunning in the wedding pictures.

These are only a few sarees that you have to own for this wedding season. I would say buy sarees by the truckload, but then that might be a bit impractical. Any saree is going to make you look fabulous and really breath-taking. It really is all about the way you carry the saree. You wear it with confidence, and any saree would look great for a wedding.


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