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5 Major Types Of Techniques Used In Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has provided a great solution to those who are overly conscious about their looks and think that their bodily features are less than perfect and want to change them.

Since its advent till date, plastic surgery has evolved a lot. Many new techniques have been introduced and today you can choose among various techniques after knowing about each of them from a professional plastic surgeon Bella Vista – Dr Naveen Somia.

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1. Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is a surgical methodwherein live tissue from one part of the body is moved to another that may have lost skin, muscle movement and/or skeletal support. Again, in flap surgery, there are different types, including:

Local Flap: A local flap located adjacent to the wound is used in this surgery. The skin remains connected at one end so that the blood supply remains intact.

Regional Flap: Here a section of tissue that is connected by a particular blood vessel is used.

Bone/Soft Tissue Flap: This kind of flap is used typically when a bone and its overlying skin needs to be moved to a new location.

Musculoskeletal Flap: This kind of flap is usually used when the area to be operated needs more bulk and blood supply. This kind of flap is normally used to restructure a breast after a mastectomy.

Microvascular Free Flap: This involves detaching and reattaching skin and blood vessels from one site on the body to another site. It is used to attach blood vessel.

2. Laser Technology

Laser introduced in plastic surgery causes minimal bleeding, scarring and bruising. Lasers are of various types the use of which depends on the location and purpose of the surgery. Consult an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr Naveen Somia to decide if laser surgery is appropriate for you and of which type.

3. Skin Grafts

Skin grafts may be used to cover skin that is missing and/or damaged. This procedure involves removal of healthy portions of skin from one area of the body to get back normal appearance and/or function of another part of the same body.

The portion from where the skin is taken out is known as donor site, while the spot where it is placed is known as recipient site.

Three types of skin grafts can be performed based on the size and location of recipient site.

i. Split-thickness Skin Graft

This is commonly used to treat wounds of burn. It uses only those layers of skin that are nearest to the surface. The location of donor site is chosen depending upon type, size and pigment of skin required.

ii. Full-thickness Skin Graft

This is used for treating large and deep scars or wounds. It is used when skin elasticity is needed to a maximum extent. It uses all layers and not just the surface layer of skin of the donor site.

iii. Composite Skin Graft

This provides the repaired skin with maximum underlying support. It includes lifting of all layers of skin and fat, and even sometimes the underlying cartilage at the donor site.

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4. Tissue Expansion

A tissue expansion is a type of surgical procedure that includes insertion of a balloon-like device (known as expander) under the skin.

Then the expander secretes liquid slowly into the area to be treated to actually bring about stretching and expanding of skin. This allows the growth of extra skin to replace the nearby damaged or lost skin.

5. Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic surgery is conducted using an endoscope, which is a tubular probe fitted with a tiny camera and bright light. This is inserted into a small incision and images from its camera are sent back to a screen for the surgeon to watch and do the surgery.

Discuss about these various techniques of plastic surgery with your surgeon to choose the most appropriate one and get the best results.


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