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6 Factors In Deciding On Choosing Between Long Or Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Short or long dress? Which will look better for your bridesmaids? These are the questions that you need to address if you are deciding for your bridesmaid dresses. Which must you prefer?  Well, it is better that you are well-guided as you pick your choice. To come up with a valid and reasonable decision, consider the ideas below and learn the 7 important factors that you must look into.

  1. The Event’s Atmosphere

Figure out the formality of your wedding. Long dress usually marks an effect in a ceremonial occasion. It looks decent and engaging. Traditionally, people find it more likable. In the other side of the coin, short maternity formal dresses from Bridesmaids Only are classy and appealing. It reveals the modernity of life. This is a new and fresh look to everyone’s eyes.

  1. TheDate

Take note the date of the wedding. Find out the season of that schedule. Short dress is better if it is in summer time. At this time, it is not a good idea to wear long dress since for sure the girls’ sweat will run throughout which may result for them to look exhausted and uncomfortable. On the contrary, for rainy or cold season, long dress suits the setting.

  1. The Footwear

It is good to consider first the shoes if you are a type of person who has more appreciation for it. Identify the type of footwear that you wished for your bridesmaids to wear and ramp during your big day. It can be a basis to decide for the length of the dress that will compliment it. There are shoes that appeal good only for long or short dresses.

  1. The Height of TheBridesmaids

Some girls look good for short dress but, if they wear long dress, they don’t look great. It’s a reality. The height is an important factor to consider. Identify the length that suits all of them. You can make some modifications if you encounter problems. Involve your bridesmaids to your decision making.

  1. Body Figures

Body figure matters a lot. If your bridesmaids are skinny, long dress will surely suite them. For chubby girls, it is suggested to wear short dress. It is very important to know these details. Do not ever interchange the ideas since the result will surely not be appealing.

  1. The Trending Style

Match your preferences to the style that is now trending.  You can set length’s styles depending on a particular concept. For instance, you can have the combination of the lengths by assigning a particular group to wear the short ones and the long dresses for the other bridesmaids. You can also check out for trending red bridesmaid dresses from an online shop like Bridesmaids Only, just in case you need some for your bridesmaids.

It is not that difficult to decide, isn’t it? As long as you are guided by these factors, you can come up with the perfect style and length of the bridesmaid dress for your wedding. Make it a memorable day for everyone especially to the girls who will stand at your back. Good luck and congratulations!


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