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7 Important Things To Consider While Importing A Boat From USA To Australia

You are planning to buy a boat from the US and bring it to Australia. But have you considered all the important points? Here are some of the points that will help in making the process easier for you.

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1. Import Approval (Only Boats with Trailers)

Without an import permit, you cannot import a boat on trailer.

All boats on trailers should have an import permit for the trailer before arriving in Australia. You will have to apply directly to the Department of Infrastructure for import approval.

If you don’t have an import approval ready before your yacht arrives in Australia, you cannot remove your boat from the port and you will have to pay thousands of dollarsas storage charges.

2. Boats with Wooden Cradles

If your boat doesn’t have its own trailer, it will need a cradle. A custom cradle can be created for your boat from either timber or steel, based on your hull design.

If your yacht has its own cradle or you have commissioned a custom cradle from elsewhere, it should be either of ISPM15 compliant timber or steel. If it’s not so, you will have to pay for fumigation and cradle destruction, once the boat arrives in Australia.

If you get a custom cradle manufactured and fitted to your boat, the final size will be entitled to verification after the boat is lashed/loaded to the cradle.

3. Bill of Sale

If you buy a boat, you will need a copy of the Bill of Sale from your seller. If you own the boat already, you will need a copy of the original Bill of Sale.

If you have misplaced the Bill of Sale, your boat will have to undergo an evaluation upon arrival.

4. Photo ID

Australian Customs will need 2 forms of photo ID from you, viz. driver’s license and passport photo page.

5. Refrigeration/Air Conditioning

If your boat has on-board air conditioning or refrigeration, you will need to get them degassed and decommissioned before exporting and a certificate from the company doing it should also be included in your documents.

In case of failure of this, you will need to get the expensive pre-charged equipment licenses upon arrival of the boat.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au

6. Washing and De-fauling Your Boat

Remember that your boat should be spotless from inside as well as from outside. You should water blast all the dirt on the trailer and should clean the hull and make it free from any organic matter like barnacles.

You should also wash and vacuum the inside of the boat to remove any dirt or leaves etc. This will include hatches and engine bays.

All used boats will go through Quarantine checking upon arrival and the cleanliness status of the boat will be clear only after this checking. You may get further inspection and cleaning as instructed by Quarantine.

Quarantine is the major unknown cost for an importer like Dazmac because it’s impossible for the company to know your boat’s condition while they send you a quote for shipping.

Normally the quotes will include a single inspection charge, in case if a problem is found during inspection and they have to carry out washing or fumigation. It’s always a good idea for the seller to make sure the boat is as clean as possible.

If the boat is very dirty, it normally won’t be allowed on the ship though services are available for cleaning the boat at the port at additional charges.

7. Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is not mandatory, but worth inviting quotes. Your road insurance will not protect you against any damage occurring during transit.

If you consider all these points, you can have a much smoother import of your beloved boat and enjoy it in Australia. You can hire professional boat imports Australia from Dazmac Logistics and get useful tips on boat imports from USA to Australia.


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