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A platform where you can borrow what you need and lend what you don’t need

There are many things at your home that you have bought with great joy but at present, you have no use of those things and also you have got bored using that old things but they are still usable and worth. There are many companies that are working actively in the field of borrowing and lending things online. These companies work with both the lenders and the borrowers. Millions of the people visit those websites to share their goods. If you want DJ equipment hire, you can get it by visiting to the particular company’s website.

It has been mentioned above that these companies work with both the lenders and borrowers. Fat lama provides a platform where you can get help to meet to your requirement. They give you both opportunity to be a lender or a borrower. Before you become a lender or borrower, it is necessary to know about how these companies work.

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Lenders: If you want to lend something, you have to enter your name and all important details of your items. You should also upload some photos of your items that you intend to lend. Company will verify lenders ID. After the verification, you can set rental price of your item and location from where the item can be collected by the borrower. When someone has sent you a request for your item, you have to approve their request. After you have lent you have not need to worry about your item because in case, your item is stolen or theft or broken, it will be covered with easily.

Borrowers: If you want to borrow something, first of all you should request for an item. Now, you can choose an item that you require. These companies have secure payment system where you have to enter your payment details. After that, company process borrower’s payment. You can return at borrowed items a convenient time.


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