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An Introduction to Chamber Shrink Wrapping

With more and more people and companies choosing to shrink wrap using chamber type shrink machines today we thought that we would provide an insight to all, discussing these machines to enable more people to gain more of an understanding.


A brief history

Chamber shrink wrap machines were first developed and patented by Francesco Torre in 1975 for the purpose of applying a shrink film to a product in a quick, uniform and simple way. Since this date shrink wrap machinery of the chamber variety have bene growing in popularity each and every year, now used across a range of industries to ensure the best packaging is in place.

How do chamber machines work?

Using the best quality shrink wrap film these machines first of all cut and seal a loose bag around a product. After this, heat is applied to make the film tighten around the product to provide ultimate security and protection.  This provides a great way to protect things of a wide variety – as it means items can be sealed tightly no matter what their shape or size. This is otherwise known as custom sealing and packaging. Just some of the things that are typically packed in this way include booklets, documents and food items.

Could these machines benefit you?

Are you wondering whether your company could benefit from investing in one of these machines? If you have a need to packing products securely and in a uniform manner, then we think that you should get you – There are options both for hire and purchase. These machines are available in a wide range of models and therefore whether you need a small machine, a big machine, need to package a few products a day or hundreds of products a day there will be a machine perfect for you.

If you want to get one of these machines for your company then it is important that you get the most appropriate model. To ensure that no mistakes are made and that you are able to get your hand on the most suitable machinery, speak with a shrink wrap machinery provider who will no doubt be happy to assist you and guide you in the right direction.


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