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Attorneys Will Fight for Victims of Negligence!

Auto Accidents happen at an alarming rate in the US alone. Unfortunately, many people are injured or killed in these collisions. Many are avoidable and caused by careless drivers who do not pay close attention to the road.

According to statistics, there are more than 1.3 million fatalities from car crashes nationally each year, and 20-50 million are injured or disabled. Those who have been impacted by an automobile crash should seek legal counsel. Insurance companies and neglectful drivers can be held accountable if they caused harm to you or your family members. Victims can find a website for attorneys to defend them, or fight for them, so they can be compensated in a fair manner. Insurance companies do not want to pay. They like to take in their monthly premiums without having to pay out when the time comes. But an attorney will know the law and know your rights. They can help you when you cannot help yourself.

Many have received lump sum payments they were entitled to only after going to court to force the at fault negligent driver, or the driver’s insurance company to pay up. Unfortunately, this is the case too often. Never settle for less than what you deserve.

Personal Injury

There are also cases that involve personal injuries that happen due to hazardous conditions. For example, a slip and fall at a large retailer because the store was negligent in keeping their aisles safe. Failing to pick up trash, boxes, or spills can create a dangerous situation where a patron can get seriously injured and need legal counsel to advise or represent them. Just as in a car wreck, negligence played a huge role in your injury.

Accidents happen, and not every case is a platform to sue, or blame someone else for your misfortune. However, some injuries are a direct result of someone throwing caution to the wind and perhaps driving while intoxicated, maybe boating at a high rate of speed in the water, even a semi truck driver who failed to get adequate sleep and passed out on the highway. These are all examples of failing to use proper responsible judgement and prevent unnecessary accidents from causing harm to someone. There are times that people can be careless, and disregard another’s safety. This is the time that you should stand up for yourself or your loved one and hire an attorney to fight for you.

What if a government employee was driving in a company vehicle and began texting his girlfriend about a party the following weekend. Due to his distraction, he barreled through the crosswalk, and struck a pedestrian. Now this pedestrian will never walk again because that driver did not wait until he reached his destination to start texting. Should this pedestrian suffer the pain of the injury, AND pay for their medical bills, and all that goes with the accident? Absolutely not! This driver should be held accountable. The pedestrian should immediately hire representation to at the very least, be given proper treatment.


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