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Breast Cancer Prevention: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Risk

It’s said that around 1 in 8 women U.S. develop breast cancer. While there’s nothing that can be done to totally prevent breast cancer from occurring, there are many things that women can do to reduce their risk. These cancer prevention tips can help.

Avoid Smoking and Heavy Drinking

Smoking and heavy drinking are both linked to development of breast cancer. Smoking is a particular risk for women who are pre-menopausal, while drinking 2 to 3 drinks per day can increase the risk of breast cancer by as much as 20%. Avoiding smoking altogether and drinking only one drink (or less) per day is best for women. not only does this help with breast cancer prevention, but avoiding drinking and smoking can also reduce the risk of other forms of cancer.  

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Breast Feed For As Long As You Can

Breast feeding is thought to reduce the risk of breast cancer. The longer that a women breast feeds, the greater the effect.

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods

Sitting for long periods of time can have an effect on the body. Women who sit for 6 hours or more per day have a 10% increased risk of breast cancer. Using a standing desk, taking work breaks to walk and performing chores standing at a counter are all ways that women can avoid sitting.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

After menopause, most estrogen in the body comes from fat tissue. Excessive estrogen can increase the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent breast cancer. Eating in moderation and avoiding trans fats can help women maintain a healthy weight. In addition, exercising regularly can help control weight. Brisk walking around the neighborhood is an easy way that many women can get in exercise without making big changes to their lifestyle. Work with a doctor or nutritionist to devise an exercise schedule and healthy diet.

Avoid Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Hormone replacement therapy has been prescribed to menopausal women to reduce symptoms and increase comfort during menopause. It’s now known that hormone replacement therapy can increase the risk of breast cancer for approximately 5 years after the hormone treatments are conducted. Avoiding this type of therapy or limiting the time spent on this therapy can reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

For more tips, talk to your doctor about your lifestyle habits and genetic risk. Working closely with a medical professional can help you avoid breast cancer. 



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