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Business Phone Number And Its Benefits

Do you want your business to have escalation in the growth? Yes you can have this when you make your customers satisfied and that you can do by contacting with customers well. The best communication you can make is by owning one business phone number. It is provided by various service providers but it’s upon which one you want to choose.  The advantages provided by that particular should be such that you are not left apart from enjoying the benefits. Such service provider is Evoice which will help you in get all the benefits with different plans.

 Especially the business owners entail for this as they need to contact their customers and have to attend each one of them. The business owners can check out the plans provided by the Evoice and choose the one which is best according to them. Moreover, you can configure the project teams, departments, and phone for employees so this will really help the business owners a lot. Evoice provides you these significant features which is really obliging for the employees. This helps in attending the customers as they should be bothered so that they feel contented. They must be handled with proper care so that they do not feel ignored. The following are the benefits which the business owners can enjoy by having a virtual phone number:-

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  • Flexible call distribution – There are two methods offered by the evoice which are
  • Sequential
  • Semi simultaneous

These are different methods by which call distribution is possible. In the semi – simultaneous you can add 5 callers once which is a very superior feature. This is not only good for the users but also the employees in their business. Automatic call distribution is also there which helps you to set the business hours. This is the most flexible way to attend the calls you want to. The hours can be set manually by you and thus you can set everything according to your need.

  • Configuration – Another significant feature is that you can configure the phone numbers, departments and project teams. By this way you can configure the entities the way you want. Helping in your working the evoice provides with high sound quality as well. In the business work there should be no voice delays and voice corruption as this will make the customers dissatisfied. It will provide  you with a lot of plans which will give the benefits you want to avail. This is the feature which other service providers may not provide you with.
  • Call forwarding and call screening – These are the most used features by the users as they need to forward calls a lot of times and call screening is done by them. Call recording is the also available which lets you record whenever you want to record the call. The sound is crystal clear sound and you can have the benefit of all this by choosing the best plans of the evoice. Transfer of calls becomes easy with evoice.


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