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Car Value for Insurance Claims San Diego California – Are You Asking Enough?

There are certain events and occurrences in life that one can’t predict when and how it’s going to happen. Auto accidents are one of such events. Therefore when people go for insurance covers on auto accident, it means they are not ignorant of the fact that such event could occur in the future and when it finally occurs, car value for insurance claims San Diego California is contested between all the parties involved in the agreement.

Note that, once you are involved in an accident your next step is usually very decisive because it influences significantly how much you will get as claims for insurance. In addition, it will also influence your future insurance rates.

Note that, whenever a claim is made for insurance on auto accidents, there is usually a certain level of disharmony that exists between both parties involved (insurer and claimant). This disharmony is usually in regards to the amount that is due to be paid. While the insurer feels that the claimant is requesting for an exorbitant sum, the claimant also in-turn feels that the insurer is offering an amount that doesn’t measure up with the loss incurred as a result of the accident.

From the perspective of the insurer, he believes he has a business to run and will always try his best to minimise the effects of the claim against the company efficiently. This is why you often hear cases of an insurance adjuster showing up before or mid-way during negotiations to make “low ball” offer as a settlement to the claimant all in the bid to reduce the cost for the insurer.

Meanwhile, the claimant (accident victim) often takes into consideration lots of factors while presenting his or her claim. He or she wants a settlement that will cover the ongoing medical expenses, property damage and so on. Therefore the car value for insurance claim will definitely be pegged high.

So in situations like this settlements are usually hard fought due to ground-standing on both sides. And at the end of the day, the case goes to court for settlement. But how do courts settle this disagreement?

The court in its bid to decide on the appropriate car value for insurance claim San Diego California would require the services of a car appraisal expert who will examine the level of damage on the car and come up with its current worth. This report is tendered to the judge who also analyzes other damages such as bodily harm, injuries, and losses from the accident and then decides on the amount to be paid to the claimant as its car value for an insurance claim.

However one should note that the process is not an easy and straightforward process, and as such might take up several weeks or months to put together and finalize.

In conclusion, getting your car value for insurance claim San Diego California is something that could turn out very frustrating if not handled by professionals.


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