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Check your IMEI for free

You probably might have heard about the IMEI number that is the number stamped over the phone and it works as a special or unique identity for the device. IMEI number can never be same of any mobile and most importantly everyone should have the IMEI number of their phone. This is because in case your phone gets lost then IMEI number will help you to track down your lost phone. So, it is essential to note down the IMEI number.

More about IMEI numbers and its importance

IMEI basically stands for the international mobile station equipment identity. This number is assigned with every cell phone that is selling through official channel. IMEI associated with the slot and each IMEI number will be dedicated to one sim only. That means if there are two sim then mobile must have two IMEI number to support the mobile legally.

It is important for you to understand the importance of IMEI in mobile especially when you purchase the second hand phone or sell your phone. This is because when you buy the second hand phone then it is becomes very important for you to check the IMEI credibility of the phone. That means you should check whether the phone you purchase or buy second hand is not illegal phone or a phone that was lost by someone and illegally sold it you by anyone. In order to check the integrity of the mobile you can go to free carrier checker as they offer to check down whether the mobile is legal or not.

This checker checks the IMEI that whether the SIM is registered rightfully or not. If the mobile is sold by the theft then this checker tells you that IMEI of the mobile is unauthorized and mobile is illegal to use and if you buy it then you may face the charge of theft and will also face the legal trouble. So in order to avoid such situation it is highly recommended that you should check the credibility of the IMEI.


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