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Custom Link Shortener Gives Personalized Impression Of Your Business

Customized link shortener offers one of the easiest and simplest ways to enhance your business impression online. Some of the best example that has a customized link will show like: Can you see the difference of customization? It makes a brand impact; making it easily recognizable to your viewers/customers across the globe.

Here are 5 significant reasons to choose this easy to use link shortener:

It is good for SEO

When you are including targeted keywords, they show up in SERPs, with customized url shortener you can test the keywords and know if they are easily detected by Google bot. This customized useful url shortener standout from the rest because they organic, and bolded.

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Customized url are easy to remember

Customized links are easy to remember as they have only short domain name and your focus keyword which makes it instant to click. With the customized url shortener options, the businesses have flourished online and have embraced lot of benefits.

Customized url shortener are reliable

Seeing a shortened URL in your inbox and clicking on it seems to be always questionable, especially the newsletters thinking of some virus. The customized shape of your short URL wouldn’t seem as alien as it carries your brand name along with and will probably help you to get a higher click-through. Obviously it doesn’t change the statistic; that one has to be careful when it comes to short urls

It protects your brand name

If you wish to protect your brand, you should register any keyword you really want with your favorite URL shorteners. That could be also names, brands, aliases, nicknames, vanity names etc. This way, you will not risk of someone getting them: always remember that once a particular custom name/brand is taken, it is too late.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re still creating and sharing ugly lengthy URLs and hoping that people click on them, it’s time to consider url shortener services. A recent study found that customized domain names can increase click-through rates by up to 38% averagely on social media platforms.

Remember that the link is the connection between the stuff you write and the content you share. If you can use your customized link, you can expect it to perform better. It makes sense, because you’re creating continuity between your online business and your viewers.


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