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Dating advices that can give you sure shot girlfriend

21st century is the digital era and in this era it is not difficult to find a date. There are many dating apps that help people to find their beloved and soul mate. All you need to do is to register an account on these sites and swipe right to the girl you like. If the other girl also swiped right for you, it’s a match and now you can have a chat and plan for further. Now, when you have made up your mind for trying online dating apps it is imperative to know about online dating tips to defeat your competitors. Below is little rock solid advice that will definitely make your profile stand out from others:

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  1. Your display picture: Through online you’re deciding to date a person just by looking at pictures of a person. It is advisable to use attractive display picture to lure people to date you. Take a high quality picture because this will give impression that the person has expensive phone. A travelling picture will give the idea that the person loves travelling, so a person with same interest will definitely swipe right for you.
  2. Your bio: Do not write unnecessary stuffs in your bio. Keep it simple and precise. People generally don’t waste their time in reading long lines bio. Give a gist about your personality in the bio and kind of partner you are looking for.
  3. Chatting: When you start chatting with a girl, be as decent as you can but do not hesitate showing romantic side of yourself to her. Avoid boring conversation and focus in knowing the girl. These dating tips will definitely make you win her heart.
  4. Don’t talk about your ex: Try not to compare and bring ex’s topic in your conversation. This can be a complete turn down for her.


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