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Decoding the entry of Agile into Business Analytics

Business analysts who work in an agile software development environment are referred to as agile business analysts. This is a trend which is spurring up in the entire industry. This is reflected in the growing popularity of this business management course.

It is the art of analyzing the business in a more flexible manner. It talks about incorporating responsiveness and creativity into the process. Innovative thinking and acceptance of change are the key drivers. A dependence on individuals and interactions to enhance results is sought. The agile business analysis classroom training aims at incorporating agile into the mindset.

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The characteristics of an agile business analyst

We tried to research on some of the characteristics that make business analysts agile. Enumerated below are some of our key findings in this research.

  • The importance of Adaptability

One who is agile must be adaptable, since that is the essence of agility. This is focused on the flexibility required is a natural part of software development. It talks about bringing improvements to business processes which are not thought of.

It is important that one must be able to adapt to the business process. This applies to the software development process, or even a lack of process.Definitelyto any and all management directives.

  • The vitality of Goal Orientation

This is another important feature that we will talk about here. The goal is to add value to the organization by solving business problems. The focus should be on the overall problem that will be solved when the entire project is completed.

He should be able to determine whether the project is still on track. To track whether the problem can be solved or the problem has already been solved. They should have the ability to see the big picture in addition to the detailed tasks.

  • The seed of Innovation

The agile manager should always be looking for new approaches to solving the business problem. He should be able to bring improvements to the business processes in which the problem exists.      He should be skilled to solving the right problem.

It is not about providing the right solution to the wrong problem. He should possess a modicum of critical thinking that may generate conflict and change. He should be adept at moving people out of comfort zones, and taking risks.

  • The right kind of Business Orientation

He should be able to keep a check on the projects. He should be able to check if the projects are oriented toward the business.It is important that these must produce value to the business. He should be thinking continuously about what can be done to improve the business.

The focus has to be on the business processes which drive the business. He should be able to take decisions based on the marketplace and competition.

Having said all of this, there are several other key qualities too. These include the ability to lead in times of adversity and be extremely focused.


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