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Do tricky Questions help while taking an interview – 5 Reasons

Every job comes with a series of interviews. Right! And many are the times we have freaked as the interview day approaches. Why? Because we don’t know what kind of questions to expect. Some of them are tricky questions and believe you me, they tend to throw us back.  For example, have you ever thought about being asked ‘What is your most significant achievement? And how do you answer the likes of ‘What is your biggest weakness?’

Well, interviews can be as easy as we would wish them to be and they can also be as difficult as we can presume. But the truth is, no one is usually fully ready for an interview whether a lower cadre or a senior position. However, the interviewer must grill you to get the best of the candidates. And at this point would you rather question more often than not are featured.  We are talking about question such as, ‘Would you rather work with information or with people’? ‘Would you rather be heads-down in the data or meeting with people all day’?

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And have you ever thought about getting help from tag question videos during an interview? They have a small part at the end, which makes it a question. But all the same don’t be scared of tricky questions while taking an interview because in the long run, they turn out to be very helpful. How?

  1. They give you an opportunity to tell the interviewer who you are. ‘Tell me about yourself’ question is very common. And it is at this point that you connect with the things you care about and do well. It’s all about making the interviewer see you as a perfect fit for that job.
  2. We have all come across the question ‘Tell me how you handled a difficult situation’. And sometimes it all blackout. Well, the interviewer is looking for your strengths when you faced with a dangerous situation either as an employee or as a manager.
  3. Tricky questions help us prove that they are worth the job at hand. And the more reason the interview would want to know why you are interested in it. And while there are many legitimate reasons, more often than not isn’t it usually about an upward career move? What about a better salary and benefits or better still the attraction of the company’s public image.
  4. If you are working is it not obvious that the interviewer will want to know why you are leaving your current job? Yes. It is an obvious. So what it is the secret in answering this? Don’t bad mouth your boss. You will be raising a red flag and things are likely to turn against you.
  5. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Right. And while the strengths part is very easy to answer who is ever ready to discuss their weaknesses? No one. But never bring it up. And if it is brought up explain how you are working to make things better


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