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Enjoy the benefits on intake of the Super Anadrol!!

Superdrol is a brand name for the methasterone. This is an anabolic androgenic steroid meant for stimulating the manufacture of body produced steroid. This is marketed as a supplement for pro-hormone. This product is not popular like that of other anabolic androgenic steroids. This is available in oral form that increases the risk of liver strain, toxicity and stress. The anabolic androgenic steroids are legal with prescriptions only and with the use of controlled substances.

The hi tech Super Anadrol is meant for promotion of a potent over the counter pro-hormone supplement that has structure and nature similar to that of the Anadrol. This has a reputation to provide anabolic androgenic steroids. This product has been manufactured in the underground labs and has been marketed over the counter until a few years ago. The Superdrol is an active ingredient in the illegal steroid BeastdrolV1.

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The individuals can know more about this steroid with its composition as a dihydrotestosterone. This is an altered form of drostanolone. This is a steroid popularly known for its potential to reduce androgenic effects. This provides the individuals with higher anabolic properties. The reviews of this steroid are mixed; some of its users have stated that it gives minimal muscle gains, while some others have stated that that they have achieved lean tissue gains with intake of adequate calories.

IT is believed that the bodybuilders making use of the Superdrol could suppose anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds in gaining muscle mass without water retention. This steroid is most commonly used during the cutting cycles rather than the bulking cycles. This is known for promoting retention of lean muscle tissue as well as maintenance during the cutting or dieting phase. This has the ability to boost post-workout recovery. The users of the Super Anadrol may notice dry hard gains until after two to three weeks of its use.

This is especially true, if it is used for more than four to six weeks. This was recommended at the time. The dosage recommendations for this steroid vary depending upon the personal goals of an individual. The average dosage is 20 mg to 40 mg in a day. Most of the bodybuilders use this compound up to four times in a day so as to maintain its effects. The half life of the Superdrol is relatively short. It is of eight hours. In order to combat liver toxicity, which is one of the side effects of this steroid, the bodybuilders must incorporate some type of liver protectant with a varied degree of success.

The users are recommended not to combine two forms of oral steroids, as this may cause severe damage to the liver. The Hi Tech “Super Anadrol”  has an androgenic nature that can trigger acne. The women must be aware while its intake that it may contribute to virilism. Some other side effects associated with it include an enlarged clitoris, growth of hair, deeper voice, etc. This steroid is known by several other names depending upon its manufacturer.


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