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Everything you should know about Web Development

It is one of the prominent terms when we talk about websites, the internet (World Wide Web) or say intranet (private network). Web development is a process of creating websites by web professionals as well as non-technical people with the help of some simplified frameworks. It is an umbrella term that includes web engineering, web content development, web designing, server-side scripting e-commerce development and much more to add to the list.

Web development Software  

With the changing scenario and ease of technology web development is not only limited to web professionals or developers it has reached non-technical users as well. You would often hear of web development classroom training and HTML5 and CSS3 Training Institute. There are some web development software like Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual studio and Blue griffon which are easy to learn and can be implemented by small organizations, graphic designers and by common people without putting more efforts.

E-commerce development

As we are constantly moving towards a modern and a technology driven Industry, many organizations have created their own websites to interact with customers and sell their products and services online. For example eBay, Amazon, Flipkart etc has brought wide transformation in the way customer find and purchase through web development.  It has turned into a medium to engage public in online shopping, marketing and a way to approach clients, customers and make the whole process interactive.

Web development Tools and Technologies

The high scalable tools and techniques have changed how a website looks making it dynamic, robust and integrated. Coding has a very important role as it affects search engine listing and adding new traffic to your website. Many amendments, modifications, and additions can be made to create a visually-stunning website.

Positive/Negative aspects of web development

Multimedia content like graphics, images, and videos are an attractive part of your website, they can either create a powerful impact on users or damage a website’s performance. The data (images, videos etc) size its properties can be tedious or time-consuming. For example, the load time of your website or web page can take too long to open because of which the visitors get impatient and they may not wait and click on some other similar website.

Influence of website’s design on visitors

Web development is open source software which ranges from creating simple plain text to complex web-based applications. It is an aggregate of Client-side coding, Server-side coding and covering features such as the layout and design which affects website’s functionality and its ease to use. Web development is all about enhancing user experience thus, developers must use heat maps, analytical tools which determine buttons and links to guide viewers to most eminent information. Otherwise, they may leave your website and quickly switch to other.

As far as your website is meeting your marketing goals it doesn’t matter what is happening behind the doors of developing and updating a website. Nevertheless, you are the content developer, website owner and you should only take care of above-mentioned points to build a successful website. It is a   communicative platform which has given personal and interactive ways to engage people. The website development should meet the needs of users as far as possible.



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