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Finding a Quality Drug Detox Rehab in Palm Beach: Difficult, But Here’s a Few Tips

The country is facing an opioid crisis, and in Florida, the same is true. According to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the occurrence of heroin increased by 74% and heroin-caused deaths increased by 78% in 2015 compared to 2014. The occurrences of fentanyl, morphine, oxycodone also increased respectively by 69%, 24%, and 11%, while deaths caused by the same respective opioid increased by 78%, 190 more deaths, and 20%.

These are serious statistics that require a serious response. Unfortunately, some have also used it as an opportunity to capitalize on others’ pain. And because of it, Palm Beach has become known as “Rehab Capital.” Determining a quality drug detox Palm Beach facility is key to getting better and returning to your life.

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Identify a Patient-Centered Drug Detox Rehab from Profit-Driven Rehabs

  1. Presentation. How did you learn about the rehab? Did you Google drug detox rehab in Palm Beach FL? Did the website you click onto seem a bit generic? Was the content repetitious and not quite informative? Did the person you speak with know little about the actual program?
  2. Information. How much information do they want from you? Do they go into details? Do you feel they are genuinely interested in you and your well-being, why you are where you are today, and why you want to get better? Do they explain thoroughly their program and identify how it will address your specific needs and concerns, or is their response more formulaic and dismissive?
  3. Excess Tests. Have they mentioned how often you will be required to take tests? Daily tests or something akin to several times a week serves no real purpose but profits.

Tips to Help You Find a Quality Drug Detox Palm Beach

  • If you belong to a support group, even an online support community, or know others who have been admitted to a drug detox treatment center, talk to them and find out where they went or where they suggest you go.
  • If you are searching for a rehab online, check the reviews for each. You should look for ones with many reviews over those with one or two. Read the reviews. See how authentic they feel. Some places will try to “persuade” people to leave good reviews, and these are usually cliché type reviews.
  • If you are on social media, after you have a few names of places, find their Facebook page and see what people are saying about them. How engaged are they?
  • Ask for help. Ask family, friends, anyone you trust to help you identify a good place, then visit it.

It’s a difficult and scary process. You want to get better and deserve a healthy, qualified place to do so. Anything else can send you spiraling down again. Contact us today for help in the right direction.





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