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First Communion Dresses Dos and Don’ts  

Life is all about making memories. What better way to makes your child’s first communion memorable than by getting her an appropriate first communion dress? The Holy Communion is a religious event in Christian traditions where the congregants partake of bread and wine in a bid to re-enact Christ’s last supper. The bread represents His Body while the wine signifies His blood. The first communion usually takes place between the ages of 7 and 14. The event shows that despite the faith’s challenges, the children are still willing to follow the teachings. In as much as most first communion dressing codes depend on the church’s governing rules, several things are common for first communions.

The dos and don’ts when choosing first communion dresses

As this is a religious event, it would be ideal to choose a modest and conservative communion dress. Avoid such things as short or tight dresses, dresses with deep necklines, tank tops, and spaghetti strapped dresses when choosing your child’s first communion attire. Sleeveless dresses can be worn if the child is going to wear a bolero on top. In most cases, first communicants will be informed of the desired dress code so that there are no major attire discrepancies.

In most cases, first communion dresses should be either white or ivory to symbolize purity. They should have simple cuts and patterns as several children will be undertaking the first communion, thus the need to achieve uniformity. The ornaments or accessories such as sequins, bows, ruffles, and frills should be kept at a bare minimum for a simple yet elegant look. They should be either calf or knee length. Shorter dresses can be worn in consecutive communions.

White or ivory ankle socks accompanied with bright shoes are ideal for a first communion service. Nude colored tights can also be worn, but these are optional. The shoes should not be high-heeled.

A veil or other accessories such as tiaras, flower wreaths, barrettes, ribbons, and headbands are optional. As such, you can make a choice depending on your daughter’s preferences. However, avoid expensive headpieces such as a tiara made of diamonds.

As opposed to girls’ communion dresses, the boys’ first communion attire could be either a light or dark-colored suits complemented with a white shirt and a solid colored or subtly patterned tie. Therefore, steer clear of items such as t-shirts or polo shirts, jeans, and sports pants. In most cases, the boys’ outfit is comprised of dark shoes and socks. Athletic shoes or winter boots are discouraged.

One does not have to choose expensive designs for a perfect first communion look. There are elegant first communion dresses and suits that will not make you break the bank.


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