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Gold Mining from Rock

The most widely employed to mine gold is the hardest and most hazardous mining method in the world. Not only the mining of gold through hard rock a costly endeavor but it is also a form of mining that require a huge work force. Taking all the factors into the equation of mining gold from hard rock in being the most expensive, dangerous and most difficult form of mining but still being employed widely is due to the fact that hard rock gold mines yield the most gold by any other gold mining measure know to human kind.

Hard rock gold mining is a gold mining method where by the gold that is trapped in rock as opposed to particles of gold in fine debris from river sediment. These gold pieces are usually big nuggets and they are found in the hundreds which make this form of mining a feasible and worthwhile endeavor. Either the mine is created or built out of caves or dug into the surface of the earth which is usually refereed to as open pit mines. The open pit mine located in central Alaska (Fort Knox Mine) and the GOLDSTRIKE MINE in Northeast Nevada are examples of massive open pit mines that produce more than half the world gold supply annually. Precious Metal dealers who take interest in mining corporations who have open pit mines usually are the owners of the stocks and bonds offered by these corporations. Underground mining, is another form of gold mining whereby the gold ore is extracted and sent through long tunnels or shafts to the earth’s surface. South Africa has the world’s largest and deepest hard rock gold mine. The depth of this tunnel is measured to be up to 3,900 meters which is about 13,000 feet deep. The heat inside these tunnels is fatal to humans as the temperatures reach up to 70 degrees Celsius. However modern technology has allowed specially built air-conditioning systems are able to regulate temperatures within these mines to allow workers to be able work comfortably and more importantly, safely. Robinson Deep was the first mine to receive air conditioning; at that time this was not only the deepest gold mine. But, the deepest mine in the world for any mineral mining. Most of the gold mined in these mines are sent out to gold refiners to be converted to gold bars and sold to government reserves of gold bullion and gold bars.

As the costs of mining gold are extremely high there is an enormous ‘secondary’ gold market. The secondary gold markets involves jewelers or cash for gold businesses acquire and on sell unwanted jewelley to re refinery to make new cast gold products or bullion investment products.

The Cash for gold businesses that operate throughout the world are the only profitable recycling industry. Not only does this equate to saving the public purse as its not government subsidized, it also saves the environment and lowers societies carbon foot print.


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