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Home Design Ideas: The Best Ceiling & Wall Renovations

When you want to refresh the house, nothing beats ceiling and wall renovations. After all, they occupy too much space in the house and will either make an impression or disappoint. Depending on their condition but also style, both walls & ceilings will determine the aesthetics of your home. Eventually, they will also increase or decrease the home value.

So, when you really like living in that place, moving is not an option, but you don’t love the looks of the living space, it’s time for some remodeling. And when it comes to home improvements, the best way is to start with the walls and ceilings.

Wainscoting installation vs. refreshing the existing panels

Chances are you’ve already got wainscoting panels in your home. So, what you should do? Refresh or replace them? The truth is that there is not a fixed answer to that. It always depends on the condition of the panels but also whether or not you have dealt with some calamities lately, like water damage. After all, don’t forget the meaning of such projects.

What’s the purpose of wall renovation?

One of the reasons for renovating walls and stripping the old and possibly damaged classic wainscoting is to check if there is wall damage behind the panels.

Yes, we often install a flat panel to cover wall imperfections. But when we are talking about old houses and walls which have never been checked for dampness, that’s a different story. Unseen problems might affect the stability of the structure and your health, especially if there has been a leaking problem.

So, let us get back to our original question: wainscoting installation or refreshment? We vote in favor of the former choice for a healthier home. After all, with a new wainscoting, you can change completely the looks or style of the room. And you won’t get into the hassle of cleaning and greasing the old wood panel to make it shine.

Alternative wall design ideas?

If you remove the existing raised panel and cannot afford a new one, you can always choose faux wainscoting. Painting the wall is part of renovating it. All you have to do on top of that is install molding across the wall either covering parts from floor-to-ceiling or following the traditional pattern of placing a chair rail approximately 32 inches over the floor.

Ceiling renovations to confront issues

When it’s time to renovate the ceiling, your first priority is to fix issues and then decide whether you want to install a beadboard or completely change the structure of the ceiling.

Ceilings get damaged when the roof leaks, there is a plumbing problem in the bathroom on the upper floor, a section of the crown molding is broken and more. The priority here is to fix such problems, which might compromise the aesthetics and/or stability of the structure, damage insulation, or cause mold to grow. Once you are done with such ceiling repairs, you can start thinking about design options. makes home renovations and interior design projects easy by providing world-class makeover services.

  • If you like the idea of having a coffered ceiling, you can add wooden beams.
  • Another option would be to install bead board panels to cover the surface of the ceiling.
  • You can enjoy both since you can have a coffered ceiling with beadboard.
  • You can cover small imperfections by installing crown moulding. This would be a great idea if there is already a ceiling molding but it’s cracked or in a bad shape. You can replace it with a new style to refresh the point where ceilings & walls meet.

2 more home design ideas

  • Trimming the walls doesn’t end with the installation of a modern wainscoting design. As walls travel, they are often interrupted by windows and openings. And so when you renovate walls, pay attention to the arched openings and the window casing. If you change the wainscot and/or crown molding, it’s often a good idea to replace the window and door casing. This way, you can match the style of the new trims to bring a different style into the room.
  • When it comes to ceilings, don’t forget the importance of lighting fixtures. Recessed lighting will pair beautifully with the coffered ceiling. When it comes to light options, always consider the height of the ceiling and whether or not you have enough space to use pendants too.

When it comes to ceiling and wall décor options, it’s vital to select similar styles and color tones to bring out the elegance you seek.


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