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Houston Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

If you are the victim of an accident where the other driver has fled the scene, contact a Houston hit and run accident lawyeras soon as possible. There are a few things that are more important, but getting in contact this your attorney ranks very high on the list if you want to protect your rights. Don’t leave money on the table or exhaust your one chance of catching up to the person who hit your vehicle and walked away without taking responsibility.

Being in any accident is a very scary event. You can’t be sure you will have the presence of mind at the time to follow all the steps you need to protect yourself. So, consider keeping a list in your glove compartment or wallet. Include the contact information for a Houston hit and run accident lawyer with the following steps you can take to protect yourself.

Are you injured? If it isn’t safe to move stay put until someone is able to help you. If you can reach your phone without further injury, call 911 to get police and rescue personnel dispatched the accident scene. The police will file a report and the phone call establishes the date and time of the accident.

If you are not injured badly, there are more options you can exercise to collect data while you wait for the police (if they respond, which varies based on the severity of the accident and other incidents in the area). Carry a pen and paper with you at all times, and keep it in the glove box with your list. If you remember anything at all about the other driver, write it down. Later, this will be very useful to your Houston hit and run accident lawyer.

Record your own impressions first regarding the other vehicle. What color was it? Did you catch a make, model or part of the license plate number? If there were witnesses or other motorists that stopped to assist, can they provide additional detail? Get the name and number of anyone who saw the accident and is willing to provide information. This information can help police find the perpetrator.

After you call the police, call a Houston hit and run accident lawyer to coach you on what details it is safe to provide and what information, if any, you should be cautious about. Don’t forgot to call your insurance company as soon as possible to get the ball rolling on a claim. Some insurance companies dispatch accident specialists to the scene to make an immediate and accurate record of what happened. However, you should assume you are on your own in regard to providing as much information as possible to your insurance and your Houston hit and run accident lawyer.



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