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How Do Air Purifiers Work?

With air pollution increasing day by day, new air borne pollutants are emerging on a daily basis. Most of these pollutants also find entry indoors and are getting increasingly threatening.The need for an air purifier that can tackle a lot of them is at an all-time high. There are many air purifiers in the market and all of them have their own way to purify air. There are two broad types of air purifiers in the market.

  1. Ozone Air Purifiers:

This kind of air purifier uses ozone disinfection technology to disinfect the air from pollutants like viruses and bacteria. As ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, it easily kills all the harmful microorganisms present in the air.

  1. HEPA Air Purifiers:

These air purifiers use state-of-the-art filtration technology. They come with HEPA filters that use three-stage filtration to remove dust particles above 0.3 microns of size to purify the air. HEPA purifiers also use various technologies to make sure 99.9% of the pollutants are removed from the air.

Working of Ozone Air Purifiers:

Ozone air purifiers use ozone disinfection technology that discharges specific quantities of ozone gas into the indoor air.The air purifiers oxidise and kill all fungi, viruses, bacteria and other kinds of pathogens in a very effective manner. This simple mechanism also ensures that the growth of bacteria is stunted or stopped completely.

This ozone gas is environment-friendly and the right agent for oxidising. It is effectively and quietly sprayed through a simple fan mechanism. Ozone gas is produced using the oxygen that is present in the atmosphere.

These purifiers use effective deodorization to neutralize foul or stale odour that is present in the air to keep the room fresh. Formaldehyde is also decomposed and oxidised by ozone, which is highly beneficial for health.

When deciding which ozone air purifier to buy, always go for air purifiers that are tested by renowned laboratories of the world and certified by CE.

Working of HEPA Air Purifiers:

HEPA air purifiers use filtration techniques to trap air pollutants and make the air pollutant-free. 99% of the air pollutants are removed using a three-stage filtration technique.These stages are impact, interception and diffusion. These stages trap pollutants that have size more than 0.3 microns. These air pollutants can be mould spores, pollens, pet dander, dust mites or any other air pollutant.

For added filtration, pollutants like Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM), which are generally present in the air indoors, are easily removed using a specially treated filter made of carbon. This carbon filter absorbs any kind of foul odour from the air as well.

HEPA air purifiers also come with an inbuilt ionizer to give added improvement in air freshness. This makes the air 99.9% pure. The ionizer system releases negative ions that force the pollutants to either stick to the walls of the room or they use a specially charged collection plate, which is near the ionizing unit to trap them permanently. This makes the indoor air fresh and breathable.


With an intelligent system for air quality monitoring, these air purifiers can easily determine the quality level of air in the room. They come with an indication system so that the user can conveniently change the speed settings of purification. These air purifiers are mostly designed in a user friendly and convenient way so the user doesn’t have any kind of problem to operate and mount them wherever he wants to. The functioning of air purifiers internally is very eco-friendly and the purified air is healthy.So, get an air purifier right away.


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