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How to buy the Limoges luxury boxes?

Limoges boxes are considered as a depiction of French artistry as well as grace at miniature form. These boxes have a great popularity within the collectors as well as among the gift shoppers. These boxes are considered as a very good gift as it is filled with style and peculiarity.

Limoges boxes are known as a very authentic box. These boxes are generally manufactured in the various porcelain workshops and factories where these boxes are crafted beautifully. These boxes are generally made by the porcelain which is basically ceramic material and it is produced by heating up the clay type of material at high temperature.

Points to remember when buying the Limoges boxes
Surface decoration – In some boxes decals are used instead of painting. Many boxes have a combination of the decals as well as highlighting work of stroke. If there is work of the stroke then it is marketed by the name “rehausse main” that means enhanced by the hands. Boxes that are completely hand painted hold the “name peint” main that means it is completely hand designed or painted.

Uniqueness – Some of the manufacturers of these boxes offer a great exclusive model and shape. Demand of the exclusive models is very high as they are made in very limited amount and number. So, if you want to have the unique box that doesn’t match with any other box design then unique box is a very good option for you as well as for the gift purpose.

Condition – When buying the new boxes of the Limoges make sure it should be in proper and excellent condition. While on the other hand many people have a desire to buy the antique and retired piece, so when buying the antique piece you should properly check its condition and you need to ensure that there should not be any chips, paint loss, cracks in the box.


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