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How to choose wedding hair accessories for big days

Before wedding,the bridal are getting prepare wedding hair accessories?But on many different style which style suitable for me?

How Natalie Bridal Get Compliments Hairstyle with Hair Accessory

Let’s break down;How to choose wedding hair accessories

1.Think about your chosen hairstyle

This is something you should really decide on before hitting the shops for accessories.Even if you only get as far as up or down know that will help no end.  Once you have made your choice you can then book in for a real hair trial at your chosen hair stylists where they will show you how your chosen accessory will look.

When it comes to your hair and your chosen accessory just be aware that the finer your hair is the less likely it will be to hold a heavier metal piece or weigh down your chosen style.

2.Choose the right colour

Gold and rose gold hair accessories are now more popular than ever before but how do you know whether to go for gold or silver? Firstly you should choose the colour that best matches your dress then take into consideration your wedding jewellery and what material this will be made from so as not to clash.The good news is gold will go with any hair colour so put the combination of your dress and accessories first.

3.choose your favourite style hair accessories for prom

Instead of buying a new one for yourself, borrow a nice, bridal-looking barrette, tiara or wedding hair comb from a family or friend. There can be someone you know who have recently bought and used a nice hair accessory to another wedding, prom or formal special event. You can always use the “something borrowed” reason.

4.Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tiara

The colour of the gown is a key determining factor for a tiara. If your gown is white, rhinestone bridal tiaras in silver or silver-tone are appropriate.For ivory robes, gold bridal tiaras are the simplest alternative. A champagne or dark ivory robe desires a gold or gold-tone jewelled headdress with elaborations in either ivory or champagne. contemplate your face form once carrying a wedding tiara. If you have got an extended face, opt for a bridal hair crown with an occasional profile that will not add height. For a round face, a tiara with some height or a peak will add needed length. An oval face can wear any style tiara.

5.Compliment your wedding dress

We all know that it’s your wedding dress that will provide the real wow factor and make your overall bridal style come the big day.If your dress is quite minimalist with little to no embellishment this leaves you open to choose your accessories almost as you wish.  However if your dress is embellished or has a lot of intricate detail or lace this will need to be taken into consideration. The colour of your dress may also need to be considered when thinking about coloured gems or lace.  If you can try and choose or at least get an idea of what you are looking for when trying on your dress to avoid guessing at the risk of getting it wrong.

Since as a woman, you probably style your hair every day, you need a lot of hair accessories so it is good to keep the cost of these products down for expense purposes.

Do yo have more about wedding hair accessories tips,leave your comments or share it.


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