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How ‘Will’ Helps You Become the Best Strategic Learner in the Class?

You might think that you have prepared well for the exam and taken all the important lecture notes. But is that enough? Surely not, besides the required skillset, a strategic learner is required to invest his or her will to use the knowledge in real-life situations.

First, it is important to understand what we mean by ‘will’ in the education industry. Will indicates fixing goals, choosing relevant study strategies, and believing in the approach you have undertaken to become a strong strategic learner in the class. Furthermore, strategic learners are intensely motivated individuals who are well-aware regarding the level of effort required to achieve their goals.

Typical College Situations

In college and university tenures, educators tend to see some students who are highly ambitious, acquire a great sum of knowledge along with the study strategies needed to excel in the grueling environment and competition. While there are others who are not up to the level of the exceptional class, but still manage to score decently in most or all of their courses. So what makes the latter ones different from the rest in the class?

Obviously, they tend to work not only harder, but smarter than other. Such individuals are more ‘learners’ than ‘students’, invest more time on the study material, have a clear, well-paved roadmap that defines their academic and career goals, and eventually, work with a positive attitude in the classroom.

Additionally, these exceptional learners match the same, or ‘almost same’ research and writing skills as that of professional assignment writing service providers in the industry. In other words, they know how to apply their critical and independent thinking ability to create a masterpiece in coursework projects, all besides the ongoing classroom lectures, assessments, activities, and final exams.

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It is easy to conclude that those who fail or quit college are not competent enough to stay abreast of the ever-demanding college and university degree programs. Surprisingly, data from studies has revealed such frequency of mediocre students or underperformers to be the same as that of the brightest in the class (gauged on exam scores and semester histories), especially when we talk about success in real life.

The answer may seem somewhat complex, but is actually quite simply. You look around your classroom and notice some empty seats, students that are not up to the motivation, interest, or preference to attend college and build the foundations to secure their career. A number of factors that contribute to academic failure. All this comes down to the will, an essential element that is required to be successful not only in the college tenure, but in your personal and professional life as well.


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