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Latest Technology Trends in Split Inverter AC in India

You must have seen that according to the global trends air conditioners are booming big, especially in India. Now there is a great shift from the regular ACs which had fixed speeds to the inverter air conditioners, and this change is going to be huge.

Now, huge AC bills can be easily reduced if you use the right kind of technology for the same.  Now we can see that the most useful and the latest technology that is available in the market is the Inverter technology. It has an amazing base design which helps in saving about 50% of the electricity than what a normal AC would. If we talk about brands, Daikin and Blue star are leading at the top in terms of this split Inverter AC in India.

Just a brief about an inverter air conditioner – This is pretty different from the normal AC which throws out cool air after sucking in the hot air. While in this, it acts like a car accelerator. Even if the compressor is always on, it draws less pressure depending upon the air conditions, and thus less power is used. It’s a Japanese Technology.

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This will now make energy efficiency parameters even more stringent, and all the brands are now working to make their inverter AC product portfolio more robust this season. The benefit of this in comparison to a normal AC is that this will run continuously, but it only draws that much power so that the temperature remains stable. One of the leading players in the field of electronics, LG India has now a days shifted to making inverter split-ACs and stopped manufacturing regular split ACs.

Also, for some of the other key players such as Daikin India, inverter ACs contributes to more than over 25-30 per cent of their sales, and thus they have incorporated them as part of their business plans.

It is also very important to know the right size of the AC and thus you need proper guidance for evaluation of the room size and the correct AC fit. It is forecasted that the inverter Ac would grow significantly in the coming years.

Inverter technology have a single speed processor in comparison to a normal AC. As per data, inverter ACs are 7% more energy efficient. An air conditions having an inverter technology works very well and adjusts also according to the room, number of people, temperature, size etc.

Here are the different companies using this technology –

  1. O General delivers amazing products and now their inverter split AC which is not just energy efficient but it also has great feature.
  2. Daikin is another company which is known to be popular in the split AC category, and now even they have entered the market with the inverter technology.
  3. The Samsung inverter has a lot of interesting features. It is the first split AC to feature Digital Inverter 8-Pole technology, which maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on
  4. Lastly, LG is a company that has good quality air conditioners in the market, and in this one also there is a dual inverter technology which makes it more efficient.

As you must know that buying the right kind of low cost and highly efficient AC is a huge pain point for all the Indians out there, and thus keeping this in mind, the inverter AC was invented.

Thus, these are all the basic information that one needs to know about the new inverter AC and it is recommended to get this in your house at the earliest for more efficient and economical use during the summers.


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