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Learning the core concepts of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails is a framework that is used to develop web based applications using the base of the programming language Ruby. Although this is a relatively older technology and has been in use by the developers for a very long time now, the popularity and usability has still not seen a downfall. There are a lot of developers who still take the Ruby on Rails Courses from the Web Development Training Institute to learn web app development.

To make it convenient, we would be using the term Rails to represent the Ruby on rails framework in this article. Rails have been designed in a way that it follows the basic MVC framework. If you are not aware of what MVC is, it is the model view controller where the entire process of development is divided into these categories.

When working on the rails, you would realize that its design is based on a variety of structures that follow a conventional design pattern. While doing the development, all these structures are brought together and then the development of an application is done. To make things easy for the developers, rails comes with a huge support available both offline and online. In addition to the built-in templates and code libraries, there are a lot of support forums where the developers using rails come together to discuss its functionalities and provide help to the ones who need any support doing the development in Rails.

Since we always use the term Ruby on rails, a lot of developers think that you can only do the development using rails when the language ruby is used but that is not the case. Although the things are much better when ruby is used, but there is no such compulsion of liability. The major advantage of using Rails is that it allows you to generate different files that are written in different languages like CSS, HTML and even Ruby.

Many developers wonder that in a time when there are a lot of other frameworks that are more modern in nature, why rails are still being given so much importance. Here are a variety of reasons that would prove that in spite of whatever new comes; there are some features that would never let rails be forgotten.

The first thing that you should know about in context to these features is scaffolding. Generally when you use any other framework, you would need to write the code from the very basic level. But in rails, you can easily pick the basic level of code from its libraries and do the necessary modifications as and when needed. This process is known as scaffolding. So if there is a situation where you need to reuse the code or its functionalities, you won’t have to write the long lines. This saves a lot of time and prevents a lot of errors as well in the process thus making the process of development clean and completely simplified.


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