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Looking to Install a New Fence? Three Items that Can Increase its Longevity

If you are looking to have a new fence constructed around your home, you may be looking to obtain new fence estimate Austin. However, as you obtain estimates, you will notice that prices may vary. This is because one contractor may do things one way, while another does things another way. In order to properly compare estimates, you need to ensure you are asking for the same type of fence across the board. You have many options to make when it comes to your fence and cheaper is not always better. Here are three fence options you can opt for to increase the longevity of your fence.

Higher Quality Wood

When you are looking to obtain a new fence estimate Austin, it is important to specify the type of wood that you want your fence constructed from. You have many wood options available to you, including cypress, pine and spruce. But these options may not be the longest lasting options. If you are willing to spend a bit more money for a fence that lasts you longer, consider asking for higher quality wood. This includes wood options such as redwood, red cedar, white oak and tropical hardwoods.

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Wood Stain Sealant

Another item that you may want to ask for when you are looking to install a new fence is wood stain sealant. One of the biggest disadvantages to a wood fence is that water can damage wood. It can cause it to rot or warp. However, applying a wood stain sealant to your fence helps it to repel water, protecting it from water damage. A wood stain sealant is painted on the fence and may or may not alter the coloring, depending on the option you select. While it does increase the cost of your fence, it also increase your new fence’s lifespan.

Concrete Fence Posts

 The last item you may want to ask for when obtaining a new fence estimate Austin is for concrete fence posts. When your fence posts are installed in the ground, they may be dug into the dirt, surrounded by gravel or secured into place with concrete. Securing the fence into place with concrete takes longer and costs more, but it also helps to ensure your fence won’t blow over in the wind and is sturdy and secure.

When you are obtaining new fence estimates Austin, be sure to specify exactly what items or features you want in a fence. This helps to ensure that your estimates are all for the same type of fence with the same options. While the above options may increase the cost of your fence, they also help to extend the longevity of your fence.


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