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Omari Betts Shows How Golf Can Be Played to Return the Community?

It is a common practice to work and live for yourself, but how about thinking of giving a little something to the society, to your community at least? There are so many ways in which you could do well to the others; Omari Betts gives an example of doing so by giving teaching how to play golf to underprivileged children, during his free time. Most people think about giving themselves, very few are there who actually think about others and this young graduate from Morgan State University is an example of humble humanity.

Golf is a game of the elite section of the society, but even the hearts of those who cannot afford have some longing to know about the game and how to play it. Though it is a challenging and is not as easy as it seems to be, yet there is no harm in trying it out. Omari Betts is doing a great job by fulfilling at least one wish of these children who are deprived in most things of life. He himself is very fond of the game as well as working with the youth, so this is in a way that he gives himself satisfaction of being able to give back to the community something.

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How Omari Betts Connects Golf With Community?

One of the major problems while playing golf is ‘slicing’; this slicing happens to the ball due to wrong stance and hitting the ball wrongly. So, in order that you may be able to play a satisfying game of golf it is better to learn the correct stances and positions of holding the club and hitting the ball, before you start playing a game.

Reining of your stance, i.e. keeping the feet and your shoulders in proper alignment is the first correction that you can bring about in your stance. If your feet are too wide apart then your posture is wrong and that is when you need to rein in your feet just as much as is the width of your shoulders. Along with this remember to slightly bend your knee and not lock it totally.

Next you should know how to position your ball in accordance with your stance. The placement of the ball plays an extremely serious effect on the slicing of the ball. When the ball is placed too far the entire stance of the person is spoiled as it makes you reach out to the ball causing your shoulders to go far beyond your hips. This messes up your swing and may even cause you to go off balance. The position of the ball should be about 2-3 inches inside of the left foot of the golfer.

In case you have to play shots on an uneven lie then you have to change your stance, otherwise it is recommended that you assume the same stance for most shots throughout the game. There are various other considerations that one needs to take while playing golf such as, adjustment during windy conditions, creating a square line up, lining up the hands properly, etc.


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