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Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

For addicts, letting go of their object of addiction can prove to be a daunting task. This is the case for alcoholics who find it hard to stop. However, in the contemporary world, the dropping of such habits has been made easier through the launching of various help centers such as the Bluecrest Recovery Center. Regardless of how helpless one feels, these organizations are there to assist in every step of abandoning alcoholism. The only requirement is the will to reform by the affected individuals.

Alcoholism is not a problem that can be solved overnight, rather, it takes a gradual process.

The first step involves acceptance by the alcoholic. In the early stages, denial may pose a challenge, as individuals usually find themselves making unfounded excuses even after admitting to alcohol addiction.

After acceptance, the alcoholic moves on to the treatment program.  Alcoholism is not a conventional disease – hence there is no strict treatment procedure which is to be adhered to. However, there are a few steps that have proven successful over the years in mitigating this menace. They include;


When an addict abruptly stops the intake of alcohol, they are prone to suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Typically, the withdrawal effects are mild and last for up to two days, but in severe cases, the symptoms may persist. Should the effects be adverse, services of a medication may be required.

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Detoxification marks the first step of recovering from alcoholism.


After the cleansing of alcohol from the body, the patient moves on to rehabilitation. This process involves a combination of a variety of therapies, all which aid the alcoholic to resist drinking temptations and triggers.

Moreover, it is at this stage that patients are equipped with skills of coping without alcohol. Often, the degree of alcoholism determines where this stage is carried out, whether in an enclosed environment or in an outpatient setting.


After rehabilitation, the patient should be acclimatized with their new way of life. It is advisable to avoid hastening this process, as it could be tricky. Attending support groups could be helpful, as they not only offer the necessary support but also give encouragement that is vital in the fight to achieve total sobriety.

Generally, the process of recovering from any addiction is challenging and demanding. A lot of things are sacrificed for the greater good. While institutions like Bluecrest Recovery Center offer a helping hand, the ultimate decision to reform lies with the alcoholic. In the journey to recovery, the patient may encounter relapses which may hinder their progress, but if they remain persistent, they will eventually overcome this disease. 

‘Determination knows no barriers’ – this is what should encourage heavy drinkers.



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