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Positive impacts of Anavar attract users

Anavar, the trade name for the hormone Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid which gives great results. It promotes lean muscle mass, cuts body fat and increases strength in combination with proper diet and exercise. It is favored by beginners owing to its mild nature. This steroid is highly anabolic but mildly androgenic therefore can build strength and provide muscle growth without the adverse side effects. Due to its low androgenity, it is sought by men who want strength increase without weight gain as well as by women who want to avoid the side effects like unwanted body hair growth and masculinity.

This compound is safe for use by women as a performance enhancer. This product works well for women and the risk of virilization is reduced. The Oxandrolone 10mg tablets are favored by users during their cutting cycles. It produces significant muscle strength and has a hardening effect on their body. These pills, though do not result in weight gain yet can increase muscle tissue and do not cause any water retention. Men are recommended a higher dose to get desired results if the 10mg pills are used alone. According to, a daily 80mg dosage does not cause side effects.

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Anvarol, the legal alternative

Anvarol is a legal and safe alternative to this medication. This alternative was produced to generate the same effective results minus the side effects. It is a potent steroid used by bodybuilders and athletes in their cutting cycles. The competitive professionals prefer it as it can support muscle growth and enhance endurance. This product gives results within a span of two weeks but should be used after consulting a physician. It is easily available in the market with no side effects.  The only way it can be harmful is when it is consumed in large quantities.

This steroid claims to enhance bone density and bone’s calcium levels. It is prescribed for the treatment of patients suffering from trauma and in AIDS or HIV patients with weak muscles. This safe alternative cuts body fat and shreds weight without negative impact on muscle mass and size. This bodybuilding supplement is used for treating burn victims and prescribed for female osteoporosis, Grave’s disease and anemia. It is a legal drug that is devoid of medical prescription and can be taken orally. It can be used by both men and women. This compound is comprised of natural ingredients like BCAA, Wild yam root and soya protein isolate.

Impressive results

The results that can be expected from this steroid are based on several factors such as gender, diet, age and workout plans. If used for cutting, then 5-10 pounds can be lost in one cycle irrespective of the gender of the user. Men use it rarely in bulking cycle unless it is used in a stack. Women gain weight somewhere between 10-20 pounds from a single cycle. The difference in the muscle strength and performance can be ascertained with the initial few doses. According to, a diet program and proper workout plan are crucial to get a fruitful result. For losing fat, one needs to consume a low-calorie diet that is rich in protein content.


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