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Solar cells – types of options available to purchase

Introduction of solar powered batteries has come as a revolution in both solar markets as well as at residential places. This is because it alters the entire way the people make use of energy. The solar industry is known as one of the fastest growing industries because people now realize the importance of green and clean energy instead of using fossil fuels to create or get energy. Nowadays, many people install solar panels at their home. These solar panels gather the energy through the Sun but what you do after the sun goes down? That’s where the solar powered batteries come into use. Solar batteries take the solar power further and these batteries can work even in the evening when there is no sunlight to charge up the solar panels.

Types of solar cells or batteries

Various solar cells are available in the market so before choosing anyone, it is best for you to research about the each option perfectly and buy the one as per your need.  Types of batteries that you can buy are–

Flooded lead acid – this battery is filled with the electrolyte and it is best for the high as well as medium use. This battery generally takes around a day to charge entirely and this battery can last up to 15 years as well.

Lithium ion – this is the most common type of cell that is used now days. The storage capacity of this cell is very high and it is perfect for the residential properties. These batteries can easily handle the power of washing machines as well as refrigerator and more.


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