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Speed Cleaning Tips from Professional Cleaners

Who doesn’t like having their home cleaned by a professional every now and again? If your budget allows you, it’s a good excuse to have someone that actually knows how to do the job be in charge.

But what happens if you can’t get other people to clean the whole house for you? Well, we can’t leave it around dirty now, can we? Thankfully, the pros want the same things for us and decided to share the love – so here are some tips for speed cleaning that will get you done with the job in no time.

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  1. Make a plan

If you start cleaning aimlessly around the house, you’ll reach the end thinking “damn, I forgot to do this,” or “damn, I forgot to do that.” However, if you start with an already well-set plan will help you save time because you won’t constantly have to backtrack. Once you know where to start and what exactly it is that you want to do, you’ll be done with things in almost no time.

  1. Have all the tools that you need at hand

Before you start cleaning, grab all the tools that you believe will need. Place them in an apron with pockets, in a cleaning tray, or a cart, and carry them around with you. The more organized you are, the faster it will be. If things are neat and you know exactly where to look for them, there will be no sidetracking or time lost thinking “where the hell did I put those extra rags?”

  1. Time yourself

If you are speed cleaning, it might be a very good idea to try timing yourself. If you have a household cleaning task, put a time limit on your cleaning session. If you know that you are on the clock, you won’t get stuck on one insignificant job or spend too much time on something. It’s a very good way to avoid being sidetracked.

  1. Don’t clean it if it’s not dirty

If you come across something that isn’t dirty, you may skip cleaning it this time. You don’t have to clean it just because it’s there. This is a simple way to save some time on your cleaning, simply because you won’t be wasting time on cleaning every single item in your house. Sure, you can vacuum the entire home, and dust the furniture – but you may skip cleaning the windows or anything else if they are not dirty.

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  1. Go from top to bottom

When speed cleaning, you may want to start from the top and go towards the bottom. It’s very unnerving to clean the floor spotless only to find out that you dropped a cobweb from the ceiling fan – which means you’ll have to do it all over.

To conclude with, the key to being a speed cleaner is to be organized. Organize the cleaning process, organize the tools, and organize the items that need cleaning. You don’t need a lot of time to make your home look nice and clean.


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