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Step by step guide on how to reach Pune from Delhi

Are you aware that Pune is the second largest city which you can find in Maharashtra? Yes! The city is populous and lies at an elevation of 560m above the sea level. Pune is also popular for being rich in culture, and people know it as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Apart from the cultural endowments, Pune is among the rapidly growing cities that you can find in Asia-Pacific region.

The city of Pune is not only popular for her cultural heritage, but also a top contender in automotive industries and the world of mechanical engineering. In fact, Pune is a home for some giant names in these industries. Also, if you check their participation in other areas of management research, information technology, education, training, you will notice that the city is a full player in these fields as well.

From time to time, many professionals and students troop into Pune to join in some of the training courses that take place in the city. Many students from all over the world always strive to enroll in some of the research and educational institutes in the city of Pune. Don’t feel reluctant to visit Pune because you will have a wonderful time enjoying the hangouts, traditions, the people, temples, cultural diversities and tourists hotspots.

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To have a successful Delhi Pune journey experience, do the following:

  • Gather Accurate Flight Information

Every week, there are about 182 flights that leave from Delhi to the city of Pune of which JetLite offer 7 weekly flights, Air India offers 21, IndiGo has 67 flights, Jet Airways offer 34, GoAir offers 20, Vistra Airlines offer 7 and SpiceJet own 26.  As you depart from Indira Gandhi Airport, you will land at Pune Airport before continuing your journey into the city.  

The flight from Delhi to Pune may take 1 hr. 55 minutes to 2 hours if you entered a non-stop flight or it may run to 28 hours 25 minutes if it a one-stop flight to get to Pune international airport. This time is because the distance between Pune and Delhi is 1173 kilometers. Pune International Airport which is at Lohegaon also operates International flights to Dubai and Frankfurt apart from many flights to major cities in India.

  • Join The Right Airline

You can decide to take either Air India airlines, Indigo, Spice Jet, Go Air or Jet Airways, All Nippon Airways, KLM Royal Dutch, Jetkonnect, Societe Nouvelle Air Mali, Vistara. All of these airlines operate Delhi Pune flights and from Pune back to Delhi just in case you want a round-trip ticket.

  • Know The Flight Schedules

Also, you should be aware that the first flight that leaves Delhi to the city of Pune starts off a 2:55 Am and the airline that run this time is Jet Airways 2451 and by 3:30 Pm, JetLite 4351 will then follow. So, if you want to meet up with an appointment, you can book your flight on any of these two airlines.  

If you are running late or not so much in a hurry, you can take the last flight which leaves Delhi at 9:05 PM offered by IndiGo. Don’t forget to check the hours involved in both non-stop flight and one-stop flight before deciding to take either the first or the last Delhi Pune flight. Remember, the Airport code for Pune is PNQ while that of Delhi is DEL.

  • Book Your Flight

For your trip to Pune from Delhi, there are not many hassles for you as regards to Delhi to Pune flight booking because there are available flights that will cater to your demands. Also about your flight ticket booking, you can do that easily on yatra.com without issues, and you can be sure of getting the best deals on tickets. Don’t waste your time trying to track schedules or sales when you can find all the information on Yatra without stress.

If you want to buy a low-cost ticket from Delhi to Pune, you can consider booking from Jet Airways, Air India, Indigo, and Spice Jet. If you want to travel from Delhi to Pune and pay lesser, you should target the months of August or September for the best deals. If you don’t mind spending additional dollars, go to Pune during May and December. If you want to travel any time of the year but pay less in airfare, book your flight at least 45 to 60 days before your departure date.    

  • Go To The Airport

If you want to visit Pune from Delhi, your port of call should be the Indira Gandhi International Airport which operates both international and domestic flights from Delhi. The Airport is at the south-western part of the city, and there are usually flights into and outside the Delhi every day. In fact, Indira Gandhi is among the busiest airports you can find in South Asia. Many airlines troop the Delhi Pune axis and booking your flight is a simple deal.

On your departure date, make sure you get to the airport one hour or more before the departure time.


No matter your reason for flying from Delhi to Pune, book your flight ticket from Yatra to utilize good deals and correct flight schedules. Yatra fare calendar is a tool for price comparison and making changes in booking date. If you want to enjoy a stress-free Delhi to Pune flight booking, use yatra.com


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