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Synthetic Grass: Benefits & How To Install It

Do you want to have a green and gorgeous lawn or indoor garden but you’re not a fan of the real grass? Synthetic grass, also called turf, is for you.

Getting ready for a turf purchase? Reach out for Australian Synthetic Lawns for high quality turf in Sydney. Let’s learn more about artificial grass in Sydney.

Turf is common to home landscapes, but it has already moved beyond golf and football fields. Synthetic grass can be used anywhere where you want to reduce the footprint of carbon as well as areas that do not need have to maintain.

The Good Things?

Synthetic grass does not require the use of pesticides, fertilizing, watering, trimming and mowing. It will help you to reduce the water bill consumption and it will always look great the entire year. Furthermore, with this artificial turf for dogs, your pet will now not have muddy paws for you to clean. It is now widely used in most metropolitan areas and is widely available.

Also, turf will provide you a natural looking grass and you will never recognize that it is not a real grass unless you try to inspect it closely. It may be a little bit expensive,but you will have the assurance that your investment is very worthy of your cost because you will not need to pay for high water bill, you will not purchase pesticides and fertilizers and you can install it by yourself if you really want to save a lot of cost.

Steps in Installing Fake Grass

A trusted turf supplier in Sydney like Australian Synthetic Lawns can offer you a variety of quality turf regardless of your lawn improvement project. And here’s one good news- you can install fake grass on your own. Here’s how.

  • Clean the area where you want to install your turf. You can use a sod cutter to make the job easier.
  • Now, you can add atleast 2 to 4 inches layer of the crushed aggregate like decomposed granite in all of the area so that you can create a positive drainage under your artificial grass Sydney.
  • Install your 15-25 year wed barrier over the aggregate base and secure it with landscape staples. It is important to avoid weeds springing up in your new lawn.
  • Roll your fake grass in the area and ensure that all blades go in one direction to have a professional and polished look.
  • Seam pieces together through the use of the seaming tape. Now, attach the turf to the base with galvanized nail at the edge of the turf grass. You can start at one side so that you can pull it from the other side.
  • Apply an infill material like sandblasting sand with drop spreader. This will help you to remove harmful dust that you might inhale. Once you have spread the material, brush it evenly to get the infill base of turf fibers.

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