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The all new and better way of having hot water

Hot water seems to have become one of the basic requirements of any person if he/she is living in the colder region. By installing solar heaters, they will get peace of mind and their time will save as they do not need to wake up so early in order to boil water for bathing. A solar heating system consists of a storage tank and collectors that help in storing hot water and you can use it whenever you want. The main benefit of the solar system is that it will help you in saving on electricity bill because they use the energy of the sun in order to generate power.

Types of solar water heating system

This type of heating system works on two principles that help in governing the collectors. The first principle states that all the hot objects lose their heat eventually when they come in contact with the environment. The second principle states that loss of heat is more rapid when the difference between environment and a hot object is larger. Different types of solar heating system are available in the market and their features are something which makes them more efficient. Mentioned below are some of the systems that you can prefer:

ICS system: ICS stands for integral collector storage system and it is also known as batch solar water heaters. This system combines a solar collector and storage tank as a single component that helps in eliminating the need for controlling system or circulation pumps. This system is easy to install and do not require any additional things.

Drain back system: In this system, distilled water is used as heat transfer fluid with the help of collectors and pumps help in circulating the water. In this type of heating system, no valves are used and water drains out directly to the storage tank. Overall, they are quite effective in comparison to other systems.



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