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The Most Overlooked Tips To Maximize App Downloads

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All mobile app developers have one goal once their app has been made available: to get more downloads.

If you’ve done any serious research on mobile app marketing so far, you’ve no doubt come across tips saying to get involved on social media, optimize your app on the App Store to make it more visible, and to guest post on technology blogs to gain more exposure.

Those are all great strategies, but at the same time, there’s a lot more that you can do as well.

Here are the most overlooked tips you can utilize to maximize app downloads:

Use Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising simply means using software to purchase digital advertising for you, which allows you to reduce costs and human errors.

Previously, digital advertisements were sold and purchased by people themselves. Programmatic advertising, however, makes the process far more efficient by removing people from the process.

In other words, it essentially automates the marketing process for you so you can advertise while you sleep and without doing anything yourself. It’s one of the best ways you can stay ahead in the digital advertising world.

Programmatic advertising has also become much more popular since 2016, with a majority of the big mobile marketers now using it.

Work With Other Developers

Rather than compete with other developers, work with them instead. In fact, one of the most effective app marketing techniques of all time is to find and work with marketing partners so you can each benefit the other.

Specifically, you need to find a developer who is creating apps in a similar niche to you. Contact them and suggest that the two of you can create a system where sending a user to one of your apps will simultaneously enhance their experience of the other app.

For example, one of you may have a cooking app and the other a shopping app. You can then create a system where the shopping app offers discounts for the ingredients in the cooking app.

Create Valuable Content

While this may seem obvious, it’s unfortunately too often forgotten. The only chance your app possibly has of going viral is if the content is high quality and valuable to the user.

There is nothing that causes content to spread faster than word-of-mouth. If you have created an app that is truly unique, original, and valuable, then it stands a much greater chance of getting more downloads.

Remember, downloads are not something you can choose to make happen. Rather, getting more downloads for an app is an objective. If you can create content that users believe is worth sharing with others, it will get shared.

Maximizing App Downloads

Once your app is developed and available, getting as many downloads as you can will become your primary goal. These are the most overlooked tips in general that you can use to maximize the number of downloads you get.


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