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Top 5 Essential Foods to Cope with Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder

ADHD is a psychological condition that affects moods and impulse control. Children dealing with the condition find it hard to socialize as the other kids fail to understand them due to their inconsistent behaviors. The article will dwell on the essential foods that can help such children have relatively stable moods and socialize better with friends.

ADHD is a psychological condition that affects the neurological make-up of the brain. It affects a person’s ability to maintain attention. According to the DSM-v, it is characterized by inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.  When this condition affects the teenagers, it can significantly affect their ability to form meaningful social relationships as their self-esteem is compromised.

  1. Omega -3 Fatty acids: According to Cures Decoded these fish fatty acids are effective in reducing the symptoms of ADHD in children and also in adults. Therefore, incorporating a fish meal could help the child enjoy the day better in stable moods. A good source of the nutrient is the wild salmon and Tuna.
  2. Leafy Vegetables: These remedy as mentioned by Cures Decoded together with other meals that are rich in Vitamin B are vital in making of some of the necessary brain chemicals such as dopamine. These chemicals help in regulating behavior. Fruits such as bananas also provide vitamin B-y6 which contributes to improving ADHD.
  3. Poultry meals: These provide a vital amino acid known as tryptophan. It helps in the production of serotonin. Serotonin is the hormone that plays a significant role in regulating sleep and moods. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to a person dealing with ADHD.
  4. Avoid items with food coloring: It has been recorded thatparticular food coloring increases hyperactivity. Such food coloring includes sodium benzoate, sunset yellow, quinolone yellow, tartrazine amongst others. These dyes can be found in soft drinks, candy, cakes, and sometimes toothpaste.
  5. Avoid Sugar: Sugar is a source of concentrated glucose which is a remedy for hyperactivity. Sodas are some sources of high concentration of sugars. Others include candy, fruit juices, beer, chocolate, grapes, berries, potato chips, chewing gum, cakes, and so on.

In conclusion, the child should always take breakfast. It helps to provide blood sugar which is essential to prevent the fluctuations of the hormones. The stable blood sugar content helps in stabilizing the moods of the child.


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