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What are the symptoms of steroid use?

Is it possible to look at someone and understand if they are into steroids or not? What are the signs that can tell? Are the shoulders and veins a signal? Many signs of steroid use are obvious, once you know how to figure that out. There are also personally experiences symptoms that are only within the user.

Before using potent steroids regularly, people should know what they are moving towards. They need to know how the drugs can affect the outward appearance and internal body functions. To clarify, there are signs to understand these. There are both symptoms of steroid withdrawal and symptoms of use, so you need to know well about these before the start.

External effects of steroid use

You might look at someone and think that they use steroid, but it might not be as you assume. However, there are symptoms that can make you doubt. A lot of teenagers have started using steroids and that not right. FDA said that it is problematic to let teens use steroids.

Steroids are categorized by either corticosteroid or anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids are found in medications and used for treating several immune system and inflammatory conditions. The anabolic steroids have a synthetic variation or derivative of male hormone of testosterone. These are also used for treating hypogonadism, and sometimes you can help treat muscle-wasting syndrome and that is experienced by cancer patients or ones diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

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The use of steroids by teens might have a big impact on the development of brain functions and organ systems, and that includes the hormone system. According to FDA in the youth risk behavior surveillance system study, about 5% men in high school and 2.5% female have confessed to use steroids at least for once. The common outward signs of such use have seen an increase in muscle mass growth, but there are other signs of steroids users that can be seen. In itself it might not seem to be a big deal, but if you put them together, then it is not hard to determine is someone has been using steroids or not.

Signs of steroid use

Outwardly symptoms of steroid abuse:

  1. Edema or fluid retention – specially seen in ankles or feet
  2. Complain in muscle aches or joint
  3. Halitosis or bad breath
  4. Gynecomastia in boys
  5. Deeper voice
  6. Male pattern baldness
  7. Facial hair growth in women
  8. Severe acne

Mental signs of steroid users:

  1. Mood swings
  2. Increased sense of nervousness, jitteriness and anxiety
  3. Unacceptable anger
  4. Irritation

One unique way to indentify people using steroids is their vocabulary. They start using terms likes ‘shotgunning’, ‘roids’, ‘stacking’, and more such relevant terms. There is a lot of danger into the symptoms of steroid withdrawal, so you need to have a strong post-cycle therapy after you are done with the drug dosages. Be careful about steroid usage as they are harmful to your body. You need to make the maximum of benefits and reduce the problems to the lowest possible!


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