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Which Is Worse: Being Drunk or Being High While Driving?

The effects of both alcohol and marijuana are dangerous to the drivers who abuse them and to the other individuals around them on the road. However, it’s difficult to know for certain which causes more problems and which is more dangerous in general, especially because these two substances are often used together by drivers under the influence.

Alcohol can cause the brain’s activity to slow down, which diminishes a person’s reaction time while driving. In addition, some people even lose consciousness while driving when they are very drunk. In every state, it is illegal for a person to drive with a blood alcohol concentration that is higher than 0.08 percent.

On the other hand, marijuana can affect a person driving in many ways as well. The drug’s relaxing effects can cause a delayed reaction time, and its ability to alter one’s perception of time will cause individuals to drive slower than necessary. In some cases, it can even cause panic or anxiety, which can make individuals drive irrationally. Each state has a different law associated with how much THC can be in an person’s bloodstream while driving, if any is allowed at all.

Some of the most severe problems, however, come from those who drive while drunk and high. The THC masks the intoxication effects of alcohol, so people often think they are less drunk than they are, and the alcohol intensifies the effects of marijuana. As such, this is probably the most dangerous combination, and unfortunately, it happens all too often. 


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