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Would You Succeed In Direct Sales?

You have probably heard of direct sales companies before, and more than likely, you probably know someone who does direct sales. Direct sales or multilevel marketing companies are a $30 billion dollar industry and for some people, they offer a life-changing opportunity. So, if you are wondering if you would succeed in direct sales, here are a few things to consider:

Entrepreneur Spirit

Have you ever toyed with the idea of starting your own business? Joining a direct sales company allows you to buy into an already thriving company with valuable products and services. You get all the perks of owning a business, without the initial risks and time-consuming process. But, even if you’ve never had the desire to start a business from scratch, direct sales is something anyone can do.

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Products and Services

There are many products and services offered by direct sales companies, from financial products to health and wellness products, like those offered by Xyngular. Chances are you have come across these products, but if not, there is some great stuff out there. Joining a direct sales company whose products and services you love to use makes all the difference!


Believe it or not, this aspect of direct sales can be one of the most exciting. Networking doesn’t have to just be knocking door to door. There are so many ways to network: throwing a party with family and friends, starting a creative instagram account, or uploading videos on Facebook where you tell your audience about your exciting products.

I am not saying it’s all fun and games, because it’s not; success takes self discipline and determination. This is partly due to the fact that there are some misguided attitudes towards MLMs. Companies like ACN have been wrongly accused as a scam (calling it an “ACN Scam”) because MLMs and pyramid schemes share a similar structure in that they both require recruiting. However, pyramid schemes are illegal and built to scam people into investing, where MLMs are real companies, that offer valuable goods and services.


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